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Creating Videos from ET

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1 Creating Videos from ET on Sun Nov 09, 2014 3:48 pm


Decided to write a simple guide how to make videos, lots of them, fast and fun!

Tools needed: Fraps, video editor (I recommend adobe premiere), some skill of et cvars.

1. First the demo, record demo with command /record filenamehere, I highly recommend that you write down the times
when you do something, like if it's a trickjump video (else you will have in the end too much material and some might run out of HDD space as well!). Recommended to rename the demo file into something understandable too.

2. So now you have your demos, excellent! Now the commands.
A few useful cvars, there are.. of course many more but these are great for starting.
seta r_customaspect "1"
seta r_customwidth "1280" << or 1920 if you can
seta r_customheight "720" << or 1080 if you can
r_mode -1 to use custom resolution
r_picmip 0 for better graphics
cg_drawgun 1 - for the gun to be on screen
cg_draw2d 0/1 to turn on the 'gun' only on screen view
com_maxfps 30 limit it to whatever frames per second you record with fraps
cg_thirdperson cg_thirdpersonangle cg_thirdpersonrange - for 3rd person view and range/angle
r_colorbits 32  higher graphics
r_texturebits 32 higher graphics
r_depthbits 32 higher graphics
r_stencilbits 32 higher graphics
r_fastsky 0 - 1 gives a black sky
cg_fov 90-120 or other values for the field of view
cg_gunz, cg_guny cg_gunx to change appearance of gun, you can use negative values too.

vid_restart to apply the graphical changes
You can make a config with all these lines in there, or simply write them one by one in the console (opened with the key under esc, if you really didn't know that, doh!)

3. Load up your fraps and set the recording button, video capture settings 30fps/full size and record sound multichannel.
View your demo by writing in the console /demo filename, if the demo doesnt load then connect to any server that is running the same mod as your demo and disconnect & view it again.
4. I recommend to start recording with fraps at least 10-15 seconds before the stuff happens, just incase it lags...
In the end you will have from 1-20gb of avi material to use.
5. Once you have all of your .avi files comes the editing part, can't give much of tips about this except to mess with the editor, it will not take you more than 2-3 days to understand adobe premiere.
6. Render the video to HD720 or HD1080, the HD720 is the fastest if you used 1280x720 settings in ET.
The size per 1minute of rendered 720 material is about 40-50mb.

Tip: make sure that fraps really is recording what you want! I've had it recording skype..or some other pointless window.
Tip: Do not listen to any music or it will be together with your shooting sounds!
Tip: try something new in video editor every time you make a vid, you will learn something new!
Tip: the more effects you use the more time rendering video takes, don't go mad with effects!

Other screen recorders you may like - bandicam, smaller file sizes but lower graphics.
Many other video recorders I tried created 100% laggy material and failed bad.


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2 Re: Creating Videos from ET on Tue Nov 25, 2014 11:05 am


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3 Re: Creating Videos from ET on Thu Dec 11, 2014 10:17 pm

Very useful. Simple and great way to make videos.

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